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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 8007

Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00 Sunday CLOSED

A warm and magical space for the modern awakening woman.

What is a Sister Circle.. and is it for me?

‘A sister circle is for every woman.  It’s a safe space., a sacred circle … to breathe out, to be seen, to laugh, to cry.

We gather, we share, we drink cacao, we are softened and soothed by candles, blankets and meditation. We are invited to look within, to enquire as to what’s going on inside of us…to breathe out, to feel held and nourished.

YOU are welcome, all of YOU … your joy, your pain, your bad day, your success, your fears, your need for silence, your need for connection, your beauty, your messiness, the bits you hide away from … you are ALL welcome.’

Kate and The Sister Circle

A typical Sister Circle ceremony and workshop blends coaching with gentle enquiry, ritual and ceremony, visualisation journeying and meditation; all under the soft, feminine guidance of a cacao elixir – a drink used since ancient times for guidance into our heart space, for heart opening, increased self-love and for inner guidance. The magic of a group of women opening together is something that needs to be witnessed.

All of this is designed to invite you back into your heart space, to connect back with who you truly are. To realign to your true north and to find your way home, back to you.


About Kate

I am a qualified teacher with a master’s in counselling psychology, mum of 1. I deliver yoga and mindfulness training in schools to teachers and children. I host women’s circles across the North West and London. I offer retreats in the UK and abroad. I am passionate about creating space outside of our busy mind-led lives, to re connect with our hearts and tend to our inner life.

I am passionate about the empowerment of women and discovering our true potential as women and in doing so, supporting the rebalancing of the incredible feminine energy within our world, which is so needed right now. If you are interested in accessing any of my events, please look at my events section above. If you would like to join our beautiful community of awakening women in the north-west who attend circles and access resources and loveliness it’s here:


All of my Offerings

Sister circles are currently hosted online. I also hold one-off ceremonies, workshops and day retreats across the UK or online. These are updated regularly so look out for these here.

Click below for details of my upcoming offerings

For a private circle for you and your friends for birthdays, hen celebrations or a more meaningful baby shower, get in touch


Below are some beautiful circle moments which capture the essence of our gatherings.


Chorlton Circle

It’s hard to put into words how wonderful these women’s circles are. It’s been really enlightening to be surrounded by brave women who can share their feelings and vulnerabilities. I always leave the women’s’ circle feeling happy and more centred and I have noticed a big change in how I am generally.


Chorlton Circle

Kate holds such a safe, caring and friendly space for us women to let go and be supported and held. It’s felt incredibly liberating and empowering to be part of circle of women who can drop the masks and be authentic, vulnerable and non-judgemental in their sharing.


Blackburn Circle

The magic that can happen when a group of women come together without masks or pretence is almost visible: like a shimmer in the air. Kate helps to create this space that is safe and really, genuinely special. With our barriers down, the Circle can be so honest and vital and I really think that's something we have lost. If you're thinking of going to one, stop thinking and get it booked!